“You Will Always Look Like Wesley Snipes…”

Geneva S. Thomas

On tonight’s episode of “Blood, Sweat, & Heels” airing on Bravo tonight Mica Hughes makes a comedic, low blow comment towards co-star Geneva Thomas “You will always look like Wesley Snipes”. Thomas considered this comment insulting and an obvious colorism statement. 

“The comment meant to be comedic was a clear insult on my dark skin, and also perhaps, because in the summer months, it just so happens that I often adorn my dark skin with bright colors–and on that occasion while filming in the Hamptons on Memorial Day weekend, I was wearing a silk crimson red. And like many fashionable brown girls, you can often see me on the show proudly rocking a fierce matte red on my full lips. 

Seemingly for my cast mate, Mica Hughes, who made the comment, and for the kind of antiquated skin tone prejudices that continue to exist, a dark skinned Black woman so bold must be so far out of her mind that she deserves to be called a man. That man being the notably dark skinned Wesley Snipes, who wore drag in the cult classic To Wong Foo. 

I didn’t hear when Mica made the comment. It came to my attention after we wrapped that scene. My first reaction was shock. “Whoa! She went there?” This later turned into disgust and eventually seeped into extreme embarrassment. Not embarrassment for me but what “Blood, Sweat and Heels” brings to the reality world, which arguably for the first time, is a group of successful, beautiful and progressive Black women rising to the top in ultra-competitive New York City. We’re the kind of Black women who might throw shade, not a bottle. We’re the kind of educated, self-made Black women who handle conflict like adults, not adolescents. But we’re certainly not the kind who are struck by colorism. Or so I thought.”

Mica Hughes
Mica Hughes

Read full article at Essence.com 

Blood, Sweat, And Heels airs Sunday Nights on Bravo, check your local listings. 

Source: Essence.com

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