Urban Girl Mag | Bad Girls Club Season 16 Viewing Party Hosted by Dream Doll
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Bad Girls Club Season 16 Viewing Party Hosted by Dream Doll


Bronx, NY- Yesterday evening Urban Girl Magazine attended the Bad Girls Club season 16 viewing party hosted by Dream Doll at Illusions Hookah & Mixology Lounge. Paula Hellens of a previous season of Bad Girls Club was in attendance as well.

This season of #BGC takes place in Los Angeles, Ca.

The party was from 7pm-10pm, and the premiere episode of #BGC aired at 8pm. The low lit lounge was super cute, there were huge flat screen tv’s mounted throughout the lounge, behind the bar and on the walls in the seating areas, where the couches were stationed. All of the tv’s aired the premiere episode of the Oxygen original series the Bad Girls Club.


There were pink accent lights sprinkled throughout the venue. The hookah pipes are a one of a kind must try as well.  Illusions Mixology Lounge has iced hookah pipes, this was my first time try and they were pretty cool. The iced hoses seemed to help the hookah last longer than usual.

There was also a dessert table adorned with decadent delights, which consisted of candy, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and a cake decorated with the Bad Girls Club logo made for Dream Doll and baked by @Lovefromscratch.


Live music was provided by DJ Arab in between commercial breaks and after the conclusion of the #BGC episode.

We spoke with Dream Doll at the party and she gave us a little bit of tea on what we can look forward to from her on this season of #BGC, “I only lasted about 6 days, they couldn’t take me. I think its definitely going to be dope and definitely a must see, we got to use our phones this season…” 


Dream Doll also gave us her honest opinion of her #BGC experience, “Honestly  it was a great opportunity and I get to see myself all over television but I would never do it again. I would do a reality tv show again which I am working on right now. I would never do a reality tv show where I would have to live with females… But overall I didn’t like the experience but I like watching myself on tv honestly.”  


You can catch Dream Doll along with other cast members on the Bad Girls Club this season airing on Oxygen, on Tuesday nights at 8pm/7c.






More photos from the event are posted below.







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