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This Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cast Reunion is Everything

Yesterday Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the 90’s hit show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ posted a reunion photo on instagram and the internet went crazy ! The photo quickly went viral and had over 20,000 likes since this morning.


The gang was all there Will Smith, Tatyana Ali aka Ashley Banks, Karyn Parsons aka Hillary Banks, Daphne Maxwell Reid aka Vivian Banks and Joseph Marcell aka Geoffrey Butler. James Avery who passed away in 2013 was the only cast member who wasn’t present. The location of the meetup wasn’t made available to the public on social media, but I’m sure where ever they were, those who were lucky enough to bear witness of this reunion were truly excited.


It is so interesting how a tv show from the 90’s continues to captivate audiences and newer generations.


The Fresh Prince ran for 6 seasons and won an ASCAP award and 2 Image Awards. This was indeed a classic sitcom that people still enjoy 21 years after its’ last season.




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