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2016 Fall Beauty & Fashion Must Haves

A comfortable chill is in the sari and it’s about that awkward time where you’re wearing a coat in the morning, but sweating in it by the afternoon.

While we all enjoy these lovely times of weather change in the season, now is the time to prepare your closets and upgrade your cosmetics with the latest must haves to bring in fall.

1. Chocolate Lips. I nice dark brown shade can look fabulously seductive on ANY skin tone. The goal is to go for a chocolate, matte look. NYX Cosmetics is one line that has varies shades just for that. I, personally, love rocking my “Clubhopper” from their Liquid Suede collection. Or even “Chocolate Cake” from Haviic Cosmetics




2. Fur Vest. This suggestion may seem a little hard to pull off, but it’s actually not! A fur vest (not coat) is the perfect accessory for the fall. Every simplistic outfit can be dressed up with a slip of the fur. Of course, there’s no need to break the bank by some expensive mink piece. My secret is shopping around at your local thrift/consignment shops and you’re guaranteed a great find for a gorgeous price.



3. Thigh-high Boots. Shoes are an investment. With the climate dropping slowly, it’s important to be prepared with shoes that will be suitable for the wealth. That being said, thigh-high boots are my next recommended items. The boots, themselves, keep your legs warm and also allow you to wear high socks giving you an extra layer of warmth without getting that thick, bungled up look under your skinny jeans.



4. Bomber Jackets. Bomber jackets are great for fall depending on where you get them. Some bombers come equipped with feather lining for extra warmth, while others are thinner and less bulgy. Regardless, the versatility in style in them are super convenient. Bomber jackets can be rocked in heels, boots, or sneakers and jeans, shirt dresses, and body con dresses.



5. Bronzer. This is definitely not a MUST, but something to keep in mind. Though we all love that healthy summer glow we get from the sun bouncing off our illuminators, bright shades are being packed away for now. It’s time to break out the bronzers that give a warm, sun kissed touch to the face. Especially now that the summer tans will start to wear off.


6. Knitted Knee-Highs. So if you’re like me and thigh-highs aren’t your thing, now worries! A must have for fall are knitted knee-high socks. They’ll be perfect for keeping your legs warm while you rock some ankle or calf cuts. Make sure to get them in basinal colors you can wear with everything, like black, cream, and gray.


7. Distressed Jeans. It’s warm but not warm enough for shorts. Cool, but jeans can still feel a bit constricting. So what do you do? Throw on some ripped jeans! Preferably a boyfriend-fit with a high or low waist. The best thing about them is that they are just as versatile as bomber jackets. Match them the right booties and you have a nice night look. Or grab a pair of flats and you have a casual daytime outfit.

There you have it! Just a couple Urban Girl must-haves to get you ready to strut into fall. Make sure to share your own suggestions and tag us in posts showing off the tips you used!




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