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#BTS of the Zee Elle #Whatwig Campaign Photo Shoot

Urban Girl Magazine was granted exclusive behind the scenes access to the Zee Elle #Whatwig photo shoot.

This photo shoot is the launch of the illustrious wig line Zee Elle’s #Whatwig campaign. This particular wig line represents exactly what the hashtag says What wig??.


This line features a variety of natural hair line everyday wigs and colored hair units as well. These units require no glue or tape and are perfectly constructed to fit and look like your natural hair line.

A Zee Elle representative shared with us their excitement for the inclusion of celebrity hair stylist James Catalano on set for the shoot,“We are particularly excited celebrity stylist James Catalano came to help with styling the wigs. Our new range wigs are out of the box gorgeous and were easily applied on the models.We had lots of special props we used on this campaign. It is about to get so good….”

We had a chance to speak with the owner of Zee Elle, Necole Frey. We asked her about the inspiration behind the photo shoot and she said,“We recently launched a new line of colored and natural looking wigs for everyday go-getter girl. We wanted a campaign that captures the every day girl who has something going for her – whether it’s school or work and I think we have the constant confused thought of “what shall I do with my hair”, “I want to look different” or “how can I change my look easily” but finally finds the answers to her questions after encountering Zee Elle or knowing about our range. We first had our thoughts on paper before thinking about how we can pass the message across in a short video in a way the audience understands. So it was kind of a reverse thought inspiration process for us – what we were trying to achieve and how we can achieve it.”


Frey also explained how they were able to snag celebrity hair stylist James Catalano, “James is amazing and we met him through social media. We told him we wanted him on board and he was happy to join the campaign.”

The #Whatwig campaign will be launching within the upcoming weeks and will be appearing online and on Zee Elle’s social media accounts.

The wigs used in this phtoto shoot are the Classic Elle Wig, BeccaBlend Ice Wig, BeccaBlend Purple Wig, BeccaBlend Scarlett Wig, Ellarie Wig, and the Manihitian Curly Wig. All of the mentioned wigs can be found on the Zee Elle website.

Look below for exclusive behind the scenes photos from the #Whatwig photo shoot.












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