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NYFW Black

NYFW BLK is a presentation that will host melanated fashion designers from around the world during the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Their primary goal is to celebrate designers of color and create a space that will aid in the advancement of inclusion. They believe representation matters not just in politics but also in the arts. In conjunction with their non-profit, The Black Fashion Foundation the organization will offer scholarships, manufacturing, stockist placement, PR, marketing and branding by partnering with Fortune 500 companies who desire to see the advancement of the community.

NYFW Black is doing this in honor of Andre Leon Talley, Dapper Afrika, Taijuan Wilcox, Fashenelle and those who have passed on in the fashion industry as they still deserve their flowers too. On Feb 11 & 12, NYFW BLK will launch on the lower east side of NY in the ultra-trendy neighborhood of Soho.

“SoHo is known as a glitzy retail and dining district, one where it is easier to find a table at a restaurant than a reasonably priced apartment. And it is decidedly white.” Says Jazmine Hughes of The NY TIMES. NYFW Black’s Producer, NMB has been a part of New York Fashion Week for 28 seasons and often expresses the lack of representation for many reasons. She always likes to pay homage to Harlem Fashion Row. She has been inspired by their leap of faith it took to break barriers in the industry.

This first season of NYFWBLK will host 9 Melanated designers, Shop NYFW BLK Pop-Up Shop hosted by Influencer Shaquita Garcia @Theemodernhousewifeny, Private Event with Food Network Winner Chef Chef J. Ponder, BLK on BLK networking hosted by Hollywood Stylist Holly Larry and Dove Release/Tribute to Dapper Afrika, Taijuan Wilcox and Shenelle Evans.NYFWBLK will be powered by True Blue PR and sponsored by Beauty Water, Hello Beautiful, She Beauty by Chi, Lucy Lou and Marg Le Maison, Iconic Body By X, Girl Boss Suites and more.For more information and tickets www.nyfwblk.com



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