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90’s Sitcom, Living Single Turns 25 This Month! Celebrate With a Marathon

Many would argue that we wouldn’t have a ‘Friends’ or ‘Sex in the City’ if it wasn’t for ‘Living Single‘ paving the way. The classic 90’s sitcom aired for 5 seasons totaling 118 episodes. Glazed with a comedic touch ‘Living Single’ showed the interesting lives of  5 single co-ed adults, in their 20’s, who were room mates in an NYC brownstone. It truly doesn’t get more New York thank that. While Sex in the City was criticized for excluding black cast members Living Single showed the true hue of New York with their all black cast.  This weekend TV One is giving all ‘Living Single‘ fans a treat with a weekend long marathon to celebrate 25 years.




 Starting Friday, August 24 at and running through Sunday, August 26, at 5 a.m. ET, the marathon will begin and end with the first and final episodes of the series to include all 118 episodes in sequential order.  Khadijah, Synclaire, Régine, Max, Kyle and Overton came onto the television scene and literally changed the game as characters in one of the first sitcoms to explore modern urban life through the stories of this hip, upwardly mobile circle of African American neighbors and friends on prime-time television.




Every night, beginning Friday, August 24 at 7/8 pm ET, TV One viewers can rediscover their favorite tv crew of Brooklyn strivers and celebrate Living Single’s silver anniversary in a Mega Marathon will feature fun facts and trivia questions to test fans’ knowledge of the popular series’ five-year run.



The celebration will continue off-air on tvone.tv where viewers can find recent interviews with the cast, featuring Kim Fields, Kim Coles, TC Carson and John Hinton, and connect with them on social media (@TVOne) where viewers can join the conversation using the hashtag #LIVINGSINGLE25 and #MEGAMARATHON.












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