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5 Braided Styles That Are Perfect for the Beach

We’re getting closer and closer to vacation season. Spring has sprung and if you’re anything like me then you’ve never stopped vacationing! Whether you’re planning a fun birthday trip to the Bahamas, or getting outfits, excursions, and hair styles ready for your next vacation here are 5 braided styles perfect for any beach.

Knotless Box Braids – Everyone loves a fresh set of box braids! The knotless style is normally more light weight than the traditional box braids which makes swimming with them a breeze.

Straight back Micro Cornrows – Don’t you just love the traditional cornrow styles? You can’t go wrong with a set of micro straight backs while on vacation.

The Coi Leray’s ! – Yes IYKYK Rapper, Coi Leray made this box braid style popular. They’re shoulder length, large sized knotless braids with curly ends.

Half Straight Back Design Style – I can not believe this style has made a come back. Didn’t we wear this braided style in middle school? Now the gworls are rocking this protective style on vacation, dinner dates and more. I have to admit I’m back in love with this style, it’s nostalgic and cayute!

Stitch Braids – This is a slight oldie but goody! The stitch braids are still a thing! These braids are simple but not just anyone can accomplish this braided style. Before you get them done do your research on the braider’s previous work!



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