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Hair Stylist Tiffany Lamb’s I am HER, SHE is me Campaign

New Jersey- Tiffany Lamb is a celebrity hair stylist and the owner of her own luxury hair care line Lucid Bliss  and is from Essex County New Jersey. Lamb can now add Creative Director to her resume. As she has recently showcased a beauty and confidence building campaign centered around women of color.

Lamb says the Women’s March that took place this year the Saturday proceeding President Trump’s inauguration is what lead to the cultivation of the I am HER, SHE is me campaign.

“The women’s march inspired me so much… I had to to do something with women…something inspiring to women.” 

The name “I am HER, She is me” came about in a unique way, believe it or not instagram played a huge role in the name’s creation Lamb shared “Instagram plays a big part in everyone’s daily lives and just to get people to stop comparing them selves…to this woman or that woman… to make women feel good about themselves from the inside out…she may have alot of followers but she bleeds like you, she breathes like you, you all may have alot of similarities”. 

She says people get engulfed in the perception of social media which can breed insecurities.

“A lot of the times when people put content out they’re not even living in their own truth, they put stuff out to get followers or to get likes. If you are insecure about yourself you will believe everything you see on that page. You have to love yourself, ” – Lamb.


I asked Lamb why she made her campaign specific to women of color and she said it’s time black women begin to stop treating one another like a competitor and more like a collaborator “As a black woman I’ve experienced that we don’t collaborate enough…we’re stronger in numbers and we can do more if we work together…” 

The “I am HER, SHE is me” campaign will not stop at the end of black history month but she hopes this will snowball into a movement she wants “To start an empowerment movement and to show women that we can work together…We can come together creatively and we can create huge things by working together…”

Lamb and her sister also organized a campaign called the “Inside out Project” where they go into public schools and teach young women confidence building skills. So far they’ve done this at Irvington High School which happen’s to be Lamb’s Alma mater. She hopes to take this campaign on tour soon.

To further connect with Tiffany Lamb follow her instagram page @touched_by_tiff

Photos of the campaign are below




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