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NJ Hair Stylist is the Person Behind Julius Randle’s Game Winning Braids

Knicks’s Power Forward Julius Randle has been the center of attention lately as he has recently been leading the NY basketball team to victory. Surprisingly fans are also acknowledging his hair style as one of the factors in his most recent winning streak. In a recent post game interview Randle said it was the braids “…I guess I gotta keep my braids in, if I taken them out it’ll kill my fans and it’ll probably kill me… I’ma get it re braided tomorrow…”

It seems as if Randle plays best when he has his hair braided. Don’t believe me, just watch his highlight reel below.

Maybe the braids added a boost of confidence to his ability to play better. His hairstylist Tiffany Mack says part of his ‘braid magic’ has to do with not only the added confidence the hair style may add but perhaps her prayer she says before she touches any of her client’s hair. In an instagram post Mack said “Let me let you in on a secret, I pray over my clients every time I do their hair…”

The magical touch can also be in Mack’s product line. The NJ based stylist also owns her own hair care product line called ‘Lucid Bliss‘. ‘ Lucid Bliss is an all natural hair care system created to promote hair growth & to halt progressive hair loss. She uses her very own products every time she styles a client’s hair.

Tiffany Mack

Mack’s clients range from NBA stars to award winning actresses such as Naturi Naughton and Regina King. Whether its the magic in her one of a kind hair care products or in her hands Tiffany Mack’s clientele are winning once their hair is ‘Touched by Tiff‘. Visit Mylucidbliss.com to purchase her products and be sure to follow them on IG @MyLucidBliss. Stay on the look out for new ‘Lucid Bliss’ products debuting this summer.



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