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Haviic Cosmetics Lipstick Review

Haviic Cosmetics’ goal is to “keep every woman feeling beautiful and confident in their own skin.” With their seductive colors, like  “Venom” that I had the chance to review, they’ve certainly succeeded.

“Venom” is a bit of a “vampire-esque” shade. Perfect for a night on the town. It’s deep purple with a cream finish. While the color seemed to be darker in the tube, on the skin, the purple showed through, and maintained a bold effect.



Because the color stood out so much, I recommend keeping a  very simple face. I personally don’t think blush is needed when wearing this color. A deep contour shade, however, would be perfect for a night look, but that’s all. Meanwhile a subtle bronzy finish would be cute if worn during the day. One thing I would say is that it didn’t pass the “all day long” test. It’s not uncommon, though, since it is a cream and not a matte lip.

If you’re interested in seeing what else Haviic has to offer, visit the site here. To pop “Venom” straight into your shopping cart ($9), click here!


P.S. If you like what you see, Haviic can host a FREE Makeup Party if you’re in New York City as well as makeup workshops. Just email choosehaviic@gmail.com




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