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4 Pro Tips on How to Build a Relationship with your Nail Technician

There’s a secret way to get the best manicures of your life, and possibly forever.nail-tech

Sometimes, people are on a journey to find their perfect manicurist. This task can be as daunting as finding the perfect hair dresser… it’s not easy.

As a nail technician myself, I can assure you that my favorite customers are the ones that are loyal to me. If you keep are a constant returning customer for your manicures, I just might add in a perk of freebies or lower the price because I enjoy spending time with you. Our relationship upgrades to more of a friendship we’ll call it a “Manicureship” insert #polishingnailemoji


I can tell you right now that if you are making plans to schedule your second manicure with me, I’m already smitten. 🙂

If you found your perfect nail tech (which would be a tech who can use their nail art brush properly). The next thing you’ll need to do is to nourish and build that relationship. This will for sure raise your manicure quality (they’ll care more about you) and give you free upgrades!


Here are the 4 rules to building a relationship with your nail technician: 

1. Be interested in your Nail Tech
Small talk with your nail tech is the sure way to build a solid relationship. Either way, when you sit down for a manicure, ask simple and generic questions so that you can both open up and it doesn’t feel like a stranger is doing your nails every week.

2. Ask them about their job
Most nail technicians love talking about the fashion and beauty industry. Ask them about their favorite products to use, how to keep your nails healthy, what the difference is between gelish vs shellac, etc. Improvise think of topics that will incline conversation.

3. Bring them random things
Let me tell you how much I absolutely love when my customers bring me gifts around holiday times. Valentine’s day chocolates? Yes please! A small present from somewhere you visited? Thank you! I appreciate the thought more than the gift, because it shows that people appreciate me and my work. These small gestures will begin to build a much bigger manicureship.


4. Remember to tip your manicurist!
Generally, the rule to tipping is nothing lower than %15 of your total. Tips are not included in the manicure cost. Most of my clients avoid adding the tip in with their credit/debit and just tip with cash. I usually get $5 for a $20 to $40 manicure.

These 4 tips will help to make your salon visit a more pleasurable experience for you and for your nail tech.



Nathalie Czar

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