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Flashback Friday: St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

#Flash Back Friday!

It’s Friday so let throw it back to St. Patty’s Day which was last Friday! Here are some nail designs you can use on your nail bed for next year.

The most popular symbols of St. Patrick’s day are green colored, three-leafed shamrock which symbolize the idea that God is three in one: The father, the son and the holy spirit. Less known symbols are the Leprechaun, the Harp and Celtic cross. This was celebrated last Friday on the 17th.

On this day green color is inevitable. You can use different shades of green color. You can express your creativity by using their combinations. If you want to avoid going to a nail salon, learn how to do your own nails, and save money in the long run, get your own gel nail polish kit! However, you will also gain all the frustration that comes with doing your own nails. 😛


These 2 designs are great examples of how green color can look pretty. The first design is a little conservative. It is for someone who knows how to use glitter. Less is more! This second design uses multiple shades of green and it really looks great. I would say this is a great choice for someone who wants to stand out, because this look for sure won’t stay unnoticed.



In the above picture we can clearly see the different ways using green, white color and shamrocks. You can also use some glitter if you’d like. This design has the most important symbols of St. Patrick’s day. This is a really cute design combination.



Are you searching for something colorful? Check out the above nail designs. Here we have some of everything. Rainbow colors, shapes and nail art. This would look great if you were wearing green clothes, but don’t make a mistake. I would suggest using one solid shade of green for your outfit while rocking this nail look since this design is very busy.  If you are getting your St Patrick day nails done at a salon, be sure that they are using the best gel nail polish brands. You want this mani to last throughout the party night!



The national flag of Ireland has three colors: green, white and orange. These three colors can be used to represent St. Patrick’s Day as well if you’re not into the characters and shamrocks. These three colors look great together.  Look at the above photo of nail art using those colors to get an idea of what it would look like.



Nathalie Czar

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