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3 Reasons Megan Graduating College is Highly Influential

As you may know already 26 year old rapper Megan the Stallion has graduated from college. She graduated from the HBCU Texas Southern University on Saturday, December 11th with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration. We’re proud of Megan and decided to compile a list of of reasons why this will be influential to other young women, or ‘Hotties‘ as Megan would say.

Ignored Distractions & Stayed Focus

Inspiring other ‘Hotties’ to do the same! Megan attended a total of 2 undergrad colleges. She began at Prairie View A&M and completed her BA at Texas Southern University. During her undergraduate career she started her rap career and became highly successful, some would probably say who needs a degree when you’re making so much money. Even with all of the financial success, tours, fans, brand deals, she stayed focus on school no matter her distractions.

Attending an HBCU

Megan is inspiring some you gurls and guys to attend attend a historically black college. For some attending an HBCU is the first choice but not everyone. Believe it or not it is not always common knowledge that these great colleges exist or some young people are mislead into thinking HBCUs don’t hold the same high education standards as PWIs and that is simply not true at all. Some of our most successful people of color graduated from an HBCU. For starters Vice President Kamala Harris graduated from Howard University. Megan attended not one but two historically black colleges. The first was Prairie View A&M University and the second, where she ultimately completed her Bachelor’s degree was Texas Southern University also known as TSU. It’s possible she’ll inspire others to follow her lead and attend an HBCU.

Showing the world that she has interests outside of music

Megan said ‘Bitch I’m Diverse!” well not exactly, but her actions sure did. By graduating college while simultaneously being a superstar rapper, she’s showing everyone how diverse she actually is. Her focus expands outside of the studio booth. This alone is inspiring people young and old to not limit your interests, go beyond society’s limitations.



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