Urban Girl Mag | How MLK Day and the NAACP Image Awards Gave me Inspiration for 2018
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How MLK Day and the NAACP Image Awards Gave me Inspiration for 2018

As the new year began to immensely soak in; I found myself watching the 49th Annual NAACP Image Awards ceremony on the night of MLK Day.  I was filled with feelings, reminding me that it was okay for us to dream. I’d realized that I had lost sight of my dream. My dream of sharing my art with the world alongside others who are bold enough to have shared their art as well.





Black Excellence!


We shall overcome. We are overcoming.

The women at the Naacp Image Awards were inspiring. At the age of 41, I am still that little girl watching from afar. Ironically, it doesn’t seem so far away anymore. The overall message here is for us to help each other overcome.
A gift of creating beauty just by living and now sharing my beauty from within. My beauty of art coming from my heart. To reach those who may have lost hope. Something so easy to do in the days of past and present.
Join me and the host of others who are passionate about changing their lives leading to a brighter future.

MLK’s life’s work; a legacy for all eternity. Let’s build together.
I pray we all get to experience that enlightenment of all that truly matters to us. We are all different and are all works in progress. That is what makes us so creatively unique. Embrace it. Challenge it. Be it.
Thank you, Almighty Creator.


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Kashinda Marche

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