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In Honor of National Women’s History Month


Deep in thought, as usual, I was contemplating on who to choose in the honoring of  National Women’s History Month. There are far too many to filter and narrow down.

To give you an idea, I decided to share this publication; a compiled list.


So, the next time there is a school report due in honor of Women’s History month; utilize this list and take your pick. I honor all Black Women across the globe. I honor those women in general who are positively contributing to our changing of the rules of a society.  I ask that you embrace your differences as black women. Stand up! Take a good look at the strong, brave and intelligent women of our history. I thank them for their continued influence.


Consider participating in future conversations on this thread or on others. We appreciate your feedback.


Drop in the comment section the name of a Black Women you’d honor this month?



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Kashinda Marche

Kashinda Marche, is a Newark, NJ native, mother of rising actress Asia E. Marche, a 2021 TEDx Speaker, community advocate, and a published author. Her diverse course studies obtained from the UNC School of Social Work and Magellan Healthcare as a State-Certified Peer Support Specialist include digital peer support, wellness-informed peer support, engaging families as healthcare partners, and the ethics of peer support. Despite losing her ability to walk, living life with multiple chronic illnesses including HIV, and surviving four brain surgeries, she feels called to be a helpful resource to communities around the world. She has facilitated countless virtual workshops and served as a self-esteem mentor to the Empowering Steppers, a school-aged female step team in Raleigh, NC. Kashinda demonstrates community and collaboration and has dedicated herself to joining collective efforts of empowering, educating, and uplifting our Black and brown communities. Also, in 2021 Kashinda was featured on Voices for Change, a Spectrum News 1 segment. And in 2020, she was recognized as extending hope to women in need by MonarchNC, an organization committed to supporting, educating, and empowering people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and substance use disorders. Kashinda thanks her family and loads of friends and supporters worldwide for their love and encouragement. She serves to pay it forward by helping others believe in themselves and their ability to heal their inner selves.

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