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In Honor of National Women’s History Month


Deep in thought, as usual, I was contemplating on who to choose in the honoring of  National Women’s History Month. There are far too many to filter and narrow down.

To give you an idea, I decided to share this publication; a compiled list.


So, the next time there is a school report due in honor of Women’s History month; utilize this list and take your pick. I honor all Black Women across the globe. I honor those women in general who are positively contributing to our changing of the rules of a society.  I ask that you embrace your differences as black women. Stand up! Take a good look at the strong, brave and intelligent women of our history. I thank them for their continued influence.


Consider participating in future conversations on this thread or on others. We appreciate your feedback.


Drop in the comment section the name of a Black Women you’d honor this month?



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Kashinda Marche

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