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Topiclear Lemon Soap Review

It’s always fun to try a new beauty product. What girl doesn’t love a new cleanser with added exfoliants to fight those pesky blackheads? Topiclear has just the product. And it’s affordable!

At justĀ  $2.49, the product gives you the squeaky clean feel that only a bar of soap delivers. The yellow color is appropriate for it’s branding, but I was a bit disappointed that the product didn’t give off any hint of lemon scent.

Conversely, the lack of strong fragrance made me comfortable enough to try it on my delicate facial skin. The exfoliating ingredients are gentle enough for your face and left my skin looking noticeably brighter and refreshed. My skin is sensitive and the soap did not cause me to have any breakouts. Winning!

Topiclear Lemon Soap is available online at and can also be found at your local beauty supply store



Brianna Horne

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