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What’s With the Imitation Work Place Beef?!

So we’ve all been there, where we’ve encountered people in the work place who’ve acted less than excited to interact with us through out the day. People who make it known that for what ever reason they’ve concocted they didn’t like or care for you. Whether we were the disliker of dislikee (just made those words up! LOL) We’ve been there






Maybe you forgot to say good morning to them when you saw them, maybe your honesty offends them, maybe they’re jealous of you, maybe your jammed packed resume and level of education scares their level job security, or maybe they have issues to where no matter what you do they’ll find reason to complain.


No matter what the excuse is they give them selves to beef with you or to gossip about you in the workplace in order to fuel their beef, let’s call a spade a spade and say this way of operating at work is stupid and pointless.





I once had an experience with an awkward coworker who, I swear got off by trying her best to nit pick, I mean to the point where if she had a penis she would have a full on stiff one the moment she saw me. My presence literally excited her. In short the girl was obsessed. It was no secret we weren’t one another’s bffs, but the levels she would stoop as a way to get under my skin were relentless. What’s even more dumb is that I knew damn well the ‘work place beef’ wouldn’t end in an actual fight. With her relentless prowl for starting drama the digging for dysfunction and conflict always stopped once the clock struck 4:30 pm. Now I’m no fool I will never ruin my bread and butter for anyone especially not for someone who would get a euphoric level of satisfaction out of it.





As a mom and a professional I will never compromise my security to fight over something trivial such as a work place beef. But if ol’girl wanted to continue off premises we could make it happen. But after sensing her nervous demeanor at a workplace Bar B Que I knew home girl didn’t want sauce. She simply got off on starting drama in the secure units of the cubicle. I had to come to the conclusion that the entire beef was senseless, fabricated and a waste of time.


Let’s take a closer gander at this:



No matter how much a co-worker may call themselves beefing with you let’s keep it real: 9 times out of 10 That beef isn’t going to escalate into a full on brawl in the office space. The reasons why are reasons we can all understand: You or your co-worker come to work daily because you both clearly need your jobs.


You both more than likely have obligations to where bills and responsibilities are depending on your paycheck.


If either one of you are a parent, then being out of an income will result in a downward decline of living status. You’ll loose your apartment, car and all other amenities that depend on fiances to stay afloat.  No one if effing up their job for any nonsense.


I’m sure whom ever the sh*t starter is or as my mom says the one stirring the pot is hoping and wishing the other person will throw the first blow so they’ll be out of a job. But if you’re a woman or man of a certain age you’re not letting that happen!





Here’s an obvious tip- save the imitation work place beef. Contrary to what folks may believe the office is not a continuation of high school. If you are not too fond of a person keep it moving because finding ways to nit pick, or argue, or even bother that individual will not do anything but contribute to an uncomfortable work environment, which will result in hostility. Others at work will get annoyed as well which can result in a negative shift in your work place reputation. So squash the beef… period



Beefing at work is stupid… bottom line.


But if you’ve had enough and would rather work for yourself here’s a great article about the encouragement of entrepreneurship in Newark, NJ Click Here!





des hadley

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