But I Was Looking for the Lemonade, Beyonce Releases a Holiday Themed Clothing Line | Urban Girl Mag
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But I Was Looking for the Lemonade, Beyonce Releases a Holiday Themed Clothing Line

beyonce-711-christmas-sweater-mine-1416861718Happy holidays!! Queen Bey has released a holiday clothing collection right in time for you to add on your Christmas list! *Wink!*

On shop.beyonce.com  you can purchase a variety of clothing with a cool play on words like “Sleigh All Day” embroidered on hoodies and crop tops.

There’s even Beyonce themed wrapping paper, iphone cases, ‘Dad hats’ and more. But I was really looking for the official Beyonce lemonade. Insert #lemonemoji

Not all of the clothes are ‘Holiday’ themed, this collection can definitely transition throughout the fall & winter, you can probably squeeze some pieces into Spring.














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