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Jayda’s TikTok Account is All Hits and No Misses

TikTok gained the interests of Americans during the pandemic as the newest and coolest social media app. I would even describe the sudden interest in the app as a social media app ‘going viral‘. Many of us were skeptical at first, yes I was one of those people too! The app quickly grew on me and apparently on Jayda as well. The Entrepreneur / Influencer has been uploading videos using some of the app’s most popular sounds, and it is so entertaining. Most of her videos reach over 1 million views and the content doesn’t disappoint. Let’s explore her content… Shall we

Here’s a video of her using the ‘I’ve gotta put me first sound’ that garnered over 3 million views.

The video of her on a yacht with Ari Fletcher doing a viral TikTok dance received over 25 million views, over 13k comments and 2.5 million likes. Those numbers are definitely impressive. Look at the video below:

So I have a theory, hear me out. Jayda isn’t only on TikTok posting viral trends for the hell of it. She released Waydamin Merchandise back in the early Fall of 2021. She received mixed reviews on TikTok some liked it, some didn’t but the most important thing is that her merchandise went viral on the internet and the girls were definitely intrigued. The interest of her clothing line heightened and whether you heard good or bad things you wanted to see what the hype was about.

she sold out of everything quickly. I believe she is posting viral trends only, doesn’t post anything personal so she can continue to grow her following. This following can only help her brand to further expand. I’m sure posting is fun for her but I’m sure a larger plan is at play. Follow her, you won’t be disappointed. JaydafnWayda is her handle and I promise this IS NOT a sponsored post I’m literally, genuinely entertained by her TikTok account.



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