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Lil’ Mama Visits Progress High School

Brooklyn, NY- Lil’ Mama surprised the students at Progress High School in Brooklyn last week with a visit.


The surprise visit was all in an effort to motivate young men and women who are in most need of inspiration. Lil Mama devoted one hour of her time to share her success story and journey along the way. She encouraged the students to follow their dreams “We are from Brooklyn, we come from the same place. If I realized my dreams, you can do it too.” She continued to tell the students to never let people discourage your dreams even those closest to you. “Often times, the closest people to us discourage us from pursuing what might seem abstract or unrealistic career interests. Please be aware of the naysayers and non-believers. They will hold you back.”




The diverse group of students loved every minute of Lil’ Mama’s visit and walked away feeling enlightened and encouraged after her speech. Progress Careers is located at 850 Grand Street in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. William Jusino is currently their principal.


All photos were taken by Antwon Maxwell.




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