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Monique Has a Comedy Special Coming to Netflix

Actress/Comedian/Entertainer, Monique has settled her racial/ gender bias lawsuit she filed in 2019 against Netflix. Some years back Monique went viral for speaking out against being black balled in the industry by some of black Hollywood’s leading people and even one of her closest friends, Director Lee Daniels. During this same time around 2017 Monique took to social media to oust streaming platform Netflix for offering her an underwhelming $500,000 for a stand up comedy special. Contrarily her comedic colleagues Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were offered $20 million for their comedy specials by Netflix.

Monique received tons of criticism over her decision to sue Netflix. She continued to go on comedy tours and back in March of this year Rapper/Actor 50Cent proclaimed his support of the actress/comedian by posting on social media. This simple post snowballed into the reconciliation of Monique and Lee Daniels’s friendship. Lee went on to publicly apologize and in the same moment revealed casting her in a leading role in his upcoming Netflix horror film, Deliverance. Netflix has now settled their lawsuit and is releasing a comedy special with Monique as the lead. The financial details of the deal weren’t revealed but we do know the deal must be satisfactory to Monique’s standards because it ultimately resulted in settling this 3 year lawsuit. Apparently with this new settlement Netflix ‘loves Monique for real!’.



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  • Mandy Fard

    24.07.2022 at 19:11 Reply

    I have always loved Monique for her authenticity. There is something very sharp about her wit and good for her for standing up for herself. She also stood up for equality as a principle. Wishing her much success with her new Netflix project. It will be interesting to see her in a horror movie.

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