Ray J States Kris Jenner was the Mastermind Behind He and Kim’s Sex Tape | Urban Girl Mag
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Ray J States Kris Jenner was the Mastermind Behind He and Kim’s Sex Tape

Yikes! Kim Kardashian’s skeletons have toppled over! Her ex-boyfriend, Ray J went live to clear the air and tell the truth about what really happened back in the day when they dated. It is no secret that Kim Kardashian rose to super star status back in the early 2000’s because of a sex tape with her then boyfriend, Ray J.

The story was presented back then as if Ray J maliciously released the sex tape as a way to financially benefit from it. Ray J revealed in an instagram live video that Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, had the couple record 3 tapes with the intent on profiting off of them. According to Ray J and to a contract the couple made 3 sex tapes, and after Kris reviewed them she chose the tape that made Kim look the best on film. Yes… you read that right, Kim’s mom watched her have sex on tape and chose the best one.

The thing that set Ray J off to speak on the truth, is that the Kris Jenner recently went on tv to take a polygraph test in order to prove she had nothing to do with planning the release of Kim’s sex tape. Ray J said “Stop the Cap!” And revealed to the world texts, messages, and a contract proving that Kris made them film the tape and helped to release it. Ray J said he and Kim split 25% of all proceeds evenly earning them both 12.5 % each on the earning. Watch his live video below, before it gets taken down!



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