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#Visionsocial with Girl Game Changer

Girl Game Changer presented the #Visionsocial Salon with the help of the Urban Asans Yoga Studio in Brooklyn.

With the aroma of freshly burned sage in the air and the soothing sounds of Erykah Badu, creative women sat around the Urban Asans yoga studio and worked on their vision boards for 2017, while snacking, sipping champagne and discussing current events. Everyone came together for the purpose of manifesting a great 2017. Davida E. Arnold the curator of the event and owner of Girl Game Changer said manifesting during the lunar eclipse will help in making your visions a reality.

Women from all walks of life gathered at the Urban Asanas Yoga Studio in Brooklyn with the intention on manifesting with he help of a vision board and the lunar eclipse.

These #Visionsocial salons are presented by Girl Game Changer are orchestrated often. Click here to visit the Girl Game Changer website and to find out when you can attend the next vision social salon.






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