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Is the Fresh & Fit Podcast Cancelled

If you follow the ever popular ‘The Shade Room’ then you are familiar with the recent controversy surrounding the Fresh & Fit podcast.

They’ve been receiving tons of backlash from the hip hop community and the black community in general for basing their entire show on misogyny and their combined hatred of black women.

Myron Gaines & Walter Weekes, the show’s hosts and creators originally went viral a few weeks ago after disrespecting rapper Asian Doll while she was a guest on their show. Since then their content has been under scrutiny for both hosts repeatedly making anti-black women comments, and for their misogynistic and out dated views on women.

Yesterday a clip went viral of the pair having a conversation on ‘Off the Record’ podcast, hosted by DJ Academiks. Things got heated between the group and Brittany set the record straight on why she turned down the invitation to be a guest on their show and how their opinions are problematic. Look below for context in our IG post.

As a black woman myself this story was very difficult to write. But the bigger picture is that the behavior of these two young men needs to be exposed because their mentality is one factor of what’s wrong with society. They unfortunately spread misinformation and stereotypical banter about black women, they are the problem! More than anything these young men are in need of a proper education of not only black women but on who they actually are.

As black men they come from black women, so it’s incredibly sad they’ll have such a disdain for women that look like their own mothers. Another weird phenom is that their target audience is obviously people of color and the hip hop community. The pair are often photographed at parties with rappers and celebrities. By these two constantly proclaiming their disgust for black women they are clearly unaware they’re insulting a large percentage of the demographic of people they’re trying to reach and in essence are destroying their careers before they get started for the sheer wow factor of saying something they hope will go viral. Going viral and internet fame is useless if it’s for something negative and in essence creates an entire group of people who are aware of who you are but all share the same common interest of hating you and your brand. The only thing that can help these two is a public heart felt and sincere apology and a restructuring and rebranding of their show to respectfully include black women and all women.



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