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#BTS of the Fashion GxD Magazine Photo Shoot Ft. Rah Digga

Newark NJ- Urban Girl Magazine attended the Fashion GxD magazine photo shoot featuring legendary rap artist Rah Digga, and her daughter Sativa. This magazine is owned and operated by Pilar Scratch and River Mason Eromosele. The shoot took place at the EIE Studio branch of BYOB studios (be your own boss)S located at 49 Branford Place in Newark, NJ.

The photo shoot show cased Rah Digga and her daughter, Sativa Zee adorned in one of a kind dresses provided by  local fashion designer Intertwined, and jewelry provided by Velvz Monroe.

There were multiple local bloggers in attendance recording the activity happening behind the scenes. All make up for the shoot was executed by Aleah Alvarado, and Nydia. While hair services were provided by Shantise Michelle of Newark. All photos were taken by Nez of Notorious Photos. 

The star of the photo shoot, Rah Digga explained how she was enjoying the photo shoot and what she’s been up to lately as a legendary hip hop artist.

“I’m having a ball my daughter snuck her way into a couple of shots, but its a beautiful thing.I’m here with family at the end of the day so I’m feeling lit right now”.

Digga went on to say  “I’m spending a lot of my time these days teaching hip hop history and business. I do workshops in the city of Newark, NJ I also do them in different cities. I still make music of course, I’ve been doing a lot of shows, a lot of touring this summer especially with it being festival season…” ( full interview audio clip posted below) 

The EIC of Fashion GxD magazine and Creative Director of the photo shoot, Pilar Scratch shared her inspiration behind the overall shoot.

“The inspiration came from just Black Girl Magic; you know my aunt had an album where she was Angela Davis you know Harriet Thugman, so who else would be more of a fitting role model than someone who is from Newark. Someone who has assisted me so much in my career and my growth as a woman.” ( full interview audio clip posted below) 

BYOB and EIE studios is owned and operated by Kid Fresh of Newark. Kid Fresh explains what her studios provide to the creatives in NJ.

“EIE Studios stands for expression is everything/everything is expression. We have a dance studio,a recording studio, class room, a multipurpose area and a photography studio here.” Kid Fresh continued with,  ” People can come and rent out studio time, they can rent out the dance studio to do dance classes, karate lessons, different things like that. We also have people who come on a monthly basis, and rent out that so you can sign up for those classes as well. The multipurpose space you can have a baby shower, a private listening party, anything that you see fits for the space for you.” ( full interview audio clip posted below) 

If you are interested in renting out the space you can email kidfreshbyob@gmail.com

The photo shoot lasted about 3 hours and multiple looks were done in an attempt to nail the perfect shot for the debut print issue of Fashion GxD magazine premiering at the end of  August. PR services for Fashion GxD are provided by Talayah Nicholas.


Additional photos from the photo shoot are posted below.


DSC_1079 DSC_1081 DSC_1083 DSC_1085 DSC_1086 DSC_1087  DSC_1082




I'm the EIC of Urban Girl Magazine. I'm a journalist, blogger, makeup artist and mom located in Newark, NJ. I started this blog in 2012 with intentions of creating a positive platform for women to share conversation, and etc.

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