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REVOLT and Baller Alert Join Forces to Launch The Baller Alert Show

Leading the charge in Black-owned media, REVOLT and Baller Alert, today announced their partnership to launch The Baller Alert Show, a dynamic podcast series that delves into the world of sports, entertainment, and pop culture. Hosted by industry insiders and renowned personalities, the show features interviews with A-list guests and behind-the-scenes content that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Premiering on REVOLT’s linear channel on Monday, April 15thThe Baller Alert Show explores the stories and passions that drive influential figures in the entertainment industry. Each episode is dedicated to spotlighting the lives and experiences of today’s leading athletes, entertainers, and influencers, offering listeners a fresh perspective on their pursuit of greatness. From exclusive interviews to candid conversations about the challenges of stardom, this inspiring podcast aims to demonstrate that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals.

“Our partnership with Baller Alert marks a pivotal moment for both companies as we stand together as cultural leaders in the media space, using this new alliance to expand our programming slate and further elevate the voices shaping Black communities globally,” said Deon Graham, Chief Brand Officer of REVOLT. “In a time where DEI is being attacked and so many legacy media brands are shutting down, it’s important to showcase the strength of collaboration amongst Black-owned media companies to change the narrative, and this partnership sets that example in a way that delivers quality content while pioneering a new era of entertainment.”

The Baller Alert Show promises to deliver an unparalleled glimpse into the inner workings of the entertainment industry, offering in-depth interviews with today’s cultural leaders that provide a deeper understanding of their journeys. With each new episode, listeners can expect unforgettable discussions on pop culture trends and the realities of fame and stardom. 

“With this exciting partnership, we aim to take The Baller Alert Show to new heights,” said Robin Lyon, CEO and Founder of Baller Alert. “By combining our industry expertise, the influence of REVOLT, and our shared passion for delivering compelling content, we’re confident that this collaboration will captivate and engage our listeners in ways they’ve never experienced before.”

Addressing the struggles of stardom, The Baller Alert Show sheds light on the challenges that come with fame and stardom, and discusses topics such as mental health, personal growth, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Through engaging storytelling and inspiring narratives, the show carries out REVOLT and Baller Alert’s shared mission in creating entertaining and impactful content.  

The Baller Alert Show will premiere on REVOLT’s linear channel on Monday, April 15th at 10pm ET with weekly episodes airing on Mondays and on REVOLT’s digital platform and the REVOLT app on Tuesdays. 



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