Sheree Whitfield is Urged to Sell Mansion in Order to Settle Debts | Urban Girl Mag
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Sheree Whitfield is Urged to Sell Mansion in Order to Settle Debts

As if her beef with Kenya Moore wasn’t enough to bare while building Chateau Sheree, the Atlanta Housewives reality show star is being sued by multiple contractors for unpaid services while building her dream home.


According to Sheree’s new home is considered unlivable by legal standards and she’s unable to obtain a certificate of occupancy from the state of Georgia. As if that’s not enough to worry about she allegedly owes thousands of dollars to contractors who are having difficulty in receiving their money due to ┬áthe fact that Sheree is not listed as the owner of her Chateau.


Some believe the best solution would be to sell her mansion in order to settle debts. What do you think would be the best solution?



Yikes! I was wondering why she neglected to show her entire house on the below clip.







des hadley

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