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Teyana and Iman Recap: Swimming Lessons for Junie

Her name is Iman Shumpert, Jr., but you can just call her Junie; The H.B.I.C. Head Baby in Charge!  Junie is the cutest thing and a mini version of Teyana you have ever seen.  At only two years old, she has 276k followers on Instagram and is already verified!  I would say she is indeed Hollywood’s favorite baby and spoiled like her mom Teyana.  I mean how can you deny this cute little baby running around talking very plain for her age.  Definitely the H.B.I.C. in charge!


“We love ATL.  That’s like our base home,” Teyana quoted on the show.


But as soon as Baby Junie discovers “pool” in which they have a pool in their backyard, Iman insisted that Junie takes swimming lessons.  Now Teyana doesn’t even like the water at all.  She admits to not like taking showers because of how the water flows. LOL.  So she finally gives in to joining Junie in her swimming lessons.  That means shopping for new bathing suits for both her and Junie.  On the flip end, Teyana and Junie both take a trip to Harlem, New York where the star is born reminiscing on the good old days where she grew up at.  It does feel like home when she runs into people she knows, even fans.  She even stops to take pictures with them.  This is where Teyana talks about her nail salon shop called “Junie Bee Nails”


Image result for teyana and iman episode two


Teyana and Junie even have cute little nicknames for each other.  Like “Hey Petunia!’ or “Hey Kadejah!”  How cute!


If you missed the episodes of Teyana and Iman, you can watch it directly on the VH1 app or on www.vh1.com New episodes of Teyana and Iman airs every Monday at 9:00 pm EST.  


Photo Courtesy of VH1




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