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DISABLED AND Still Dreaming! A Story of Turning your Troubles into TRIUMPHS

When life has you feeling defeated; What do you do?
My name is Kashinda and becoming disabled, I never imagined having to adjust my life for anything other than my daughter.  My entire adult life has always been about parenting. I raised my daughter, Asia now age 21 years old, as a single mother and for many others like us, it has been quite the journey. I’m sure many would agree that life is unpredictable and there are many challenges, obstacles that we will never expect will take place. As the saying goes, “Never say never.”
We as parents must learn to adapt to any situation placed before us despite our knowledge there of, we strive to protect our young.




I have always had to adapt. I went from being a hard working single mom to a vulnerable, sickly woman. My daughter witnessed a decline in her mother’s health that resulted in a drastic change in our lives’.

A benign, yet aggressive brain tumor shook our world. Before its finding, I experienced many disabling physical and mental changes. I was grateful when the tumor was finally detected after two years of medical mystery. I was bed ridden, my days were spent in an intolerable amount of bodily pain and my nights were spent in tears wondering why. I underwent four brain surgeries to get that tumor nipped in the bud. Each time was just as traumatic as the first.



Nevertheless, I feel blessed to have been able to overcome such life altering circumstances. I am here today to share some of my life experiences in hopes to inspire someone who may also feel like they were cheated by some unexpected obstacle that has left them stuck, only hanging on by a thread; that thread is the “WHY?”

But I’m here to let you know you can reclaim your life with what you have, regardless of what it is. If you are blessed to witness a new day on earth, then you already have within you what it takes to live on. We must learn to not focus on what we don’t have and focus on using what we do have to get what we want. There is of course a fine line to that motto. Be careful to keep it on a positive note.
We must understand that our way of thinking plays a huge part in how we move and shake in this world. I was taught by the powers that be, that we are all works in progress. Certain lessons in life have led me to the gifts given to me like creativity, leadership and the gift of gab. I took these things that were free and I am now my daughter’s talent manger, an author of my debut novel entitled, “The Triumph In Me”, and business co-owner of 4Lane Publications.
Tread lightly while leaving strong footprints. It is our stories of life we are creating each and every day. Learn to turn your troubles into triumphs.
Kashinda T. Marche



Kashinda T. Marche

Kashinda T. Marche published author of The Triumph Series and State-Certified Peer Support Specialist. She advocates for lives affected by chronic illness and mental health challenges. Kashinda, an exemplary mentor, has also been appointed a seat on the Executive Committee with The Raleigh-Apex NC NAACP and Co-Chair of The WIN (Women In NAACP) Committee, where she joins the good fight for civil rights for underserved communities of color.

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  • The Triumph In Me

    16.07.2017 at 17:26 Reply

    What are some of the blessings you are most grateful for? C’mon it’s okay; join in.
    Don’t be shy ☺️ Your voice matters! 🗣

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