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Autumn Activity Guide for the Urban Mom

Hey Urban Mom,


The Fall season has made its grand entrance and is here to stay. Good -bye to the water parks, pools and late nights at the park with your kids. Time for indoor insanity with your kids! (just kidding) I know how difficult it may be to figure out things to do with your child during this season but don’t worry because Mommy May created a Fun Fall activity list. This list is just a few ideas and suggestions that I put together talking to other moms and my prior experiences. So, take a minute you will be sure to find an activity that suitable for you and your kid(s).

Head to your nearest Pumpkin Patch


*You can spend your day enjoying outdoor activities, like hay rides, petting zoos, and corn mazes. The best part is actually picking up your pumpkin and taking it home because that opens the door for another activity. *

Attend A Fall Fair


*Believe me! Fall fairs are tons of fun. You will indulge in Fall inspired treats, animal petting, and pie eating contest. *

Host a pot luck


*You probably haven’t seen your friends and family since that Labor Day cookout. Why not invite them over and throw a Fall themed party. Fun, games and kids indoors. *

Play Indoors


I am forever on Pinterest looking for an activity I can do with materials I already have in the house or ones that cost little to nothing. Here are a few of my favorites:

Tree Handprint, Painting leaves, Thumb print turkey



Esmay Richmond

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