Houston Based Cancer Survivor and Restaurant Owner Gives Away Car to Single Mother forMother’s Day! | Urban Girl Mag
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Houston Based Cancer Survivor and Restaurant Owner Gives Away Car to Single Mother forMother’s Day!

The owner of Houston’s Restaurant of the Year, The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro, despite battling cancer in the midst of the pandemic and serving the Houston community with countless efforts from mentoring young men to giving away $10,000 to families in need during the Texas freeze has blessed a single mother with a Mother’s Day Gift she will never forget! Owner and CEO, Max Bozeman II realized the past couple of years have been tough for many people, especially single mothers who have had to make adjustments. Being that Bozeman has been inspired by many single mothers throughout his life he decided this year’s Mother’s Day celebration would be different and he would bless a single mother (or mother figure) with a fully paid for car. With over 300 applications submitted, Bozeman was thrilled to announce this year’s winner, Kristin Johnson! 

Bozeman and The Greasy Spoon Family greeted winner, Kristin Johnson at their Pearland location where she was surprised with her brand-new Volkswagen Passat! As tears fell, the overjoying gratitude followed throughout all patrons present! It was a great Mother’s Day!

Please see winner, Kristin Johnson’s heart ​wrenching story below: 

My name is Kristin Alexis, but I go by Lexi. I am a Professional Ballerina, Choreographer, Singer and Director of my own dance company, Liquid Steel. My little girl Kiraiah Royale, is 7 and my little boy Prince, is 5. The past year has been incredibly difficult for us. I’ve had some major challenges put in front of me and I’ve tried with my entire body and soul to continue to rise. We were forced to move due to domestic violence. Their dad attacked me, he broke both of my arms, I had a concussion and my head required stitches. He refuses to help me in any way. My truck was stolen from my home,(which is directly across from your location on cypress station) the week of Christmas. I had gone shopping for some gifts ,went grocery shopping and cashed my paycheck, which was all in my truck at the time. By the time I had taken the first load of frozen stuff inside, and came back out, my truck and my purse were gone. I’ve spent all my savings on Uber and Lyft, to get anywhere. The places I need to get to that are absolutely necessary are; work, dropping off & picking the kids up from school. My daughter is following in my footsteps and is in a pre-professional dance company and gymnastics. My son Prince, is in Baseball, Basketball and they both take Karate. They also go with me to work frequently. My Dad died last February and left me his horses, so I need to be able to get them as well. My mom is terminally ill, I take care of her also. I just had shoulder surgery on Monday and I’m really worried about not being able to go to all of my follow up and physical therapy appointments ,without a car. Despite all of the challenges that have seemingly been non stop, including my big brother and my Dad dying last February and April. I want to show my littles, what possible, faith, strength and resilience look like. We struggled tremendously while I was growing up. As a single mom, my mom always tried to make everything we went through, a chance to challenge ourselves, how to turn adversity into a chance to grow closer to God and a learning experience. My company, Liquid Steel also requires me to travel and go to shows, competitions and auditions for my dancers. Liquid Steel is a training program and competitive company. Its been built for very talented dancers that are almost ready to go pro, but don’t have the financial support to train at the next level and to be able to travel. I try make a professional career possible for them, by training them at a pro level and preparing them for audition & competition season, based on only what they can afford, sometimes that is nothing. I was on scholarship my whole training career, so I want to pour into my dancers, like I was poured into.

What you’re doing is incredible and life changing. You’re not just giving a car away, you’re giving opportunity… Which is priceless. I know that a lot of mothers are going through it and I applaud them for continuing to push through. With a humble heart, I’m asking you to please consider me to be the one that receives this incredible blessing. It would seriously give me and my kids a chance not only to maintain, but create new opportunities and avenues to further be successful. I promise that I would make the absolute most out of this gift, if you put your faith in me. I’m an extremely hard worker and strive to be the best mom and person I can be. I would never take what you’re offering for granted and it would help so many other people in addition to myself. I wont let you down.



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