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Why #HurtBae Is Real #RelationshipGoals

Raise your hand if you’ve had a perfect relationship. Didn’t think so. While social media has been raving over the negativity of the viral video, I think it’s important to take away the good that has come out of it.

The Scene designed the trending video, #HurtBae, right after Valetntine’s Day. Kourtney and Leonard’s relationship faced its end following infidelities on Leonard’s part. After blatantly admitting his wrongs, Kourtney had to face the undeniable and painful truth of the person she once thought she’d be with forever.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the social media community to grab a hold of clips to let the meme fest begin. While the ladies pity Kourtney and shame Leonard, or guys shrug it of because it’s “normal,” some responses have even had the audacity to question Kourtney as a woman because of the way she chose to respond to Leonard’s shadiness in the past. Yet, no one has stopped to acknowledge the strength it took for these people to broadcast one of their most vulnerable moments, or allowed #HurtBae to be an inspiration for them. For a time that was so ugly for them both, the beauty that came out of it is undeniable. Kourtney and Leonard may not be the picture perfect couple, but their humanity and humility is.

Kourtney and Leonard did everything right, based on the video. They started as “best friends,” built a strong foundation for a romantic relationship, and yet things still went left. Whether Kourtney provoked his cheating is besides the point. In the end, hearts were broken and a love was lost.

How many of us would allow cameras into our homes to record our day-to-day interactions with our significant others? No matter how perfect you may think your relationship is, the answer is still: not many. That’s because society has made imperfections something to be ashamed of. We’d rather live a lie than face an inconsolable truth. We get so caught up in the falsities of social media’s “#relationshipgoals” we forget what the real world is like.

It’s okay to be in love and fall vulnerable to your partner. It’s also okay to admit to being naïve at times. But it is the lessons learned after the breakup that matter most. Both Kourtney and Leonard are going to be able to progress as individuals because they were not afraid to live in their truth.

Take this time to live in your truth. Reflect on your growth in your relationship and see what future you have in mind for yourself. Make the necessary changes to improve your life, whether it’s growing with the person you’re with or letting them go.




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