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We Care Wednesday: BYOC ( Bring Your Own Condoms)


Growing up as a young woman I was always taught to practice safe sex. My mom was stern on this topic towards my twin sister and I because she did not want us to become teenage moms . She would tell us that safe sex would not only prevent pregnancy but will also prevent the transmission of STIs.

As an adult I realize the importance of condoms but believe it or not there are a lot of sexually active adults who are still ignorant to the risk factors associated with unprotected sex.

We at Urban Girl Magazine think we may have a few solutions to this issue.

We’ve come up with a new acronym and its BYOC (Bring your own Condom).

When attending parties, gatherings, or even restaurants you are given the option to bring your own bottle(BYOB).

Lots of condoms

There are plenty of reasons you may bring your own alcohol to parties and there are just as many and more reasons why you should practice bringing your own condom when you are expecting to engage in sexual activities.


Using condoms lowers the transmission of STDs/STIs tremendously and prevents pregnancy by 99%.

Unsafe sex may put you and/or your partner at risk of STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B, or may result in an unplanned pregnancy.

In the words of Lil’ Wayne- “Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex’cause you don’t want that late text, that “I think I’m late” text” 



There are things about sex you should know if you are or planning to be sexually active, they are listed below.

1. The benefits of practicing safe sex.
2. The risk factors that can encourage unsafe sex such as drugs, alcohol, or peer pressure.
3. You should know your STD/STI status;. GET TESTED!
4. The Myths and Facts about sex… OF COURSE YOU CAN GET A STI FROM ORAL SEX.

If you know these things you will be practicing safe and smart sex.


Not only would BYOC promote safe and smart sex but it will also ensure responsible sex. During sex there should be an equal amount of responsibility placed on each person. If  everyone is practicing  responsibility for their individual actions during sex we would definitely see a drastic decrease in STIs and unplanned pregnancy.

We care that statistics show that 1 in every 2 people that are 25 and under will get a STI. We also care that statistics also reflect that 1 in 5 Americans have HIV and are unaware of their status. We encourage you to Bring Your Own Condom  and to get tested. SEX is a good thing when it is practiced in a  safe, smart, and responsible way.

By:Shantae Kemp



London Shantae

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