Urban Girl Mag | Everyday is Chris Miss According to Newark, NJ Creative and Self Love Blogger, Christina Bright
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Everyday is Chris Miss According to Newark, NJ Creative and Self Love Blogger, Christina Bright

chrisbright1111-11If you haven’t seen her viral social media posts, then you’ve probably seen her featured in the notable ‘The Colored Girls Campaign’ photo shoot project. If you’re not familiar with that than if you’re from Newark its a chance you’ve spotted her downtown Newark posing for photo shoots of her own.

Christina Bright or as her instagram and facebook followers know her as Chris Miss has been taking the internet by storm lately, with her posts going viral quite frequently.

The creative director,  millennial mom, and self love blogger is no stranger to the spotlight. Bright has recently sparked an internet buzz as she was hand picked out of thousands at an open casting call to be an extra in Spike Lee’s upcoming Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It”. But before we dive head first into how she landed her acting role lets learn about exactly who Christina Bright is.


The colored girls campaign

“…I’m a Newark-based mother and creative entrepreneur.  I represent the idea that anything you desire you can create in your life. I talk about manifestation a lot but I also take people along every step of the way. I know that the highs and lows are equally important and I think it’s important that I showcase that.”  

Bright said her brand “Everyday is Chris Miss” was intended to represent self love and extending love to others, daily as if you’re celebrating the Christmas holiday. But instead of material gifts you’re giving gifts of love, advice, and etc.

“Everyday Is ChrisMiss” started as a movement centered on self-love and loving others. I wanted to spread the idea that we should treat people like it’s “Chris Miss” everyday. Its not about material gifts, but the gift of sharing experience, advice, nice gestures, and testimonies. “


Her brand was and still is being built off of her actual life experiences. Bright says building her brand has proved important while trying to reach her goals. Bright also said while building her brand she makes it a point to network and collaborate with the local Newark creatives, since they’re not always appreciated in the city.

“I’ve built a brand based on my REAL  life , who I am , and manifesting what I want for myself. I didn’t set out to build a “brand”. But as my platform continues to grow , I am understanding more and more about how important representation is. As a woman, a mother , a person of color , a Vegan and as a Newarker — I believe that my accomplishing my goals will show anyone else who can relate  to any of those things that they too can do the same.  
 I do a lot of my shoots in Newark , and make it a point to collaborate with local creatives. I think it’s important to represent this city. There are a lot of talented, beautiful, creative people here who aren’t seen or appreciated enough.”

Now back to the Spike Lee role. Bright was picked out of an open casting call of thousands, hoping to get a simple walk on role.  Not only was Bright handpicked by Lee but she has a speaking role in the first episode of the new Netflix series. She’s acted before but this will be her first role on television.You may think well, ‘How did she stand out of a group of thousands?”

Well, Bright will tell you its through the power of manifestation.
“I have a small speaking role in the first episode of the Netflix series  ”She’s Gotta Have It” . I took a leap of faith and waited on line with thousands of other hopefuls. I was a few hours late to the casting call because of mommy duties but I showed up anyway. Before you knew it , I was speaking to him personally, and he asked me for my phone number. The next day he called me to come for the audition and by that Friday I shot my scene.” 
Bright ended our interview with this advice, “I’d like to share with whoever is reading this that manifestation is REAL. We are manifesting regardless. Whether we acknowledge it or not. We have to take control of our lives , and our destinies. Understanding that we are who we think we are, has helped me so much up to this point. Times when I’m not so happy, and I start to get down on myself…that energy is reflected in my work and in the opportunities that do or don’t come my way. When I make the decision to get up , and do the work that makes me happy,…only good things come from that! ” 
To further connect with Christina Bright visit her instagram page @chrismiss or her youtube channel Everyday is Chris Miss
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I'm the EIC of Urban Girl Magazine. I'm a journalist, blogger, makeup artist and mom located in Newark, NJ. I started this blog in 2012 with intentions of creating a positive platform for women to share conversation, and etc.


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