A California Woman was Beaten to a Bloody Pulp by Man She Met on Instagram | Urban Girl Mag
india baker was beaten by james baker whom she met on instagram
india ali, james baker,
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A California Woman was Beaten to a Bloody Pulp by Man She Met on Instagram

India Ali met James Baker online, and after talking to him agreed to meet with him in July.  She said “he didn’t really look like a creep he looked like he had it going on in his pictures.” 

The two went out on a date, drinking, and eating, they met back up at Baker’s hotel room where Ali doesn’t remember what happened after that. Ali only remembers waking up in a puddle of her own vomit, blood, and her clothes removed.

“It was horrible. I woke up. I lifted my head up. I was lying in a puddle of throw up. So I look around and I see blood everywhere and my clothes everywhere,” Ali said.


“She had been punched in the head so badly that it had caused a swelling in the brain. The brain, when it expands, has nowhere to go so it forces down – and that’s what triggers the vomit action. It pressures the fourth vertebrae,” Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney David Berger said.

Ali decided to share her story as a warning to others looking to hookup or meet people online.


She said,“I wouldn’t want anybody to go and meet up with anybody that they don’t know. Please don’t ever do that,” Ali said. “You have to value your life.”

Below are links from their instagram pages with conflicting stories.



Exactly but I had no injuries right? If anyone knows any good lawyers in LA that can assist me with retrial hit my Dm.

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