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Ari Fletcher Dropped from Savage X Fenty After Offensive Comments

I’m sure you’ve heard the news. Popular instagram model and the mother to rapper GHerbo’s son was dropped from Entrepreneur, Actress, and Artist, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Lingerie line. Ari Fletcher was a featured guest on the podcast ‘Don’t Call me a White Girl’. While on the show she made some comments that many found offensive and disturbing. She was asked about her relationship with current boyfriend/rapper Moneybagg Yo.

“We like [to] hash it out. Like, we don’t have a toxic thing where we like – we like, go talk about it. Like, ok – I’m mad, this why I’m mad, and this what needs to happen moving forward so this don’t make me mad anymore. We’re like, real adults [and] it’s weird. I’ve never been like this before.” Ari went on to say,

“We have not always been like that, I swear. But it’s just not toxic.” She added,“He’s trying to make me grow up. He makes me feel like, ‘b*tch how old are you? Like, grow the f*ck up!’

“Like, pull your gun out and show me like, ‘b*tch leave. I wish you would walk out the door.’” She continued, “I’m going to just sit down because I got a son and I’m not trying to die – I got a son. So I’m only staying because I got a son and I don’t want you to shoot me.”

Ari went on live responding to these comments, that many felt were encouraging domestic violence. She yelled at her viewers multiple times telling them ‘Nobody Cares!!… Stop trying to victimize yourselves!’

Shortly after this live the IG model was dropped from the Savage X Fenty lingerie influencer program. If you play the interview below, at the 55:54 mark Ari begins talking about her relationship with Moneybagg and how it’s not toxic nd ends by describing how she liked when a man would pull his gun out to make her stay.

Fans began to criticize Ari’s gun comments in one of her live videos after this interview and basically told them she doesn’t care about their domestic abuse situations. Anayone who knows Rihanna the super star had a very public Domestic Violence incident hapen between her and then boyfriend Chirst Brown years ago. Domestic Violence is a subject that she does not play with and after she found out about Ari’s insenstive comments the influencer was dropped from being a Savage X Fenty representative, Yikes! Watch video of Ari below.

Veteran actress Lisa Raye gave her opinion on the matter on a recent episode of ‘Cocktails with Queens’, watch her response below:



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