Blogger Tasha K Ordered to Pay Rapper Cardi B $3.8 Million in Defamation Lawsuit | Urban Girl Mag
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Blogger Tasha K Ordered to Pay Rapper Cardi B $3.8 Million in Defamation Lawsuit

If you follow the blogs or Cardi B’s career then you are aware the rapper has been in court recently in a defamation lawsuit against Atlanta based blogger, Tasha K. The blogger has been reporting tons of false allegations about the rapper while making clams of it being factual information from a source that is close to the rapper for at least 4 years now.

Some of the most damaging claims made by Tash K were the false allegations that the rapper had herpes, used cocaine, and worked as a prostitute. The judge in this case found none of these allegations to be true after evidence was presented. Cardi B admitted in court that she suffered from depression after these allegations were made. Stating “I felt extremely suicidal,” Cardi B testified, according to Billboard. “Only an evil person could do that shit.”

Combined with the $1.25 million in actual damages awarded with Monday’s verdict in the case, the total compensation that Tasha K, and her company Kebe Studios should pay now is about $3.8 million.

Cardi B released this statement on Tuesday in response to her victory: “After almost four years of repeated libel and slander against me, being able to walk away from this victorious brings me great happiness.”

Cardi went on to say “During this trial, all of you have learned about the darkest time in my life. That moment in time was fueled by the vile, disgusting, and completely false narratives that were repeatedly and relentlessly being shared online. I thought I would never be heard or vindicated and I felt completely helpless and vulnerable.” Cardi continued by saying “I have never taken for granted the platform that my fame allows me to have, which is why for over three years I dedicated every resource I had to seek justice. And not just justice for me. The truth is that the intentional harm that was done to me, is done to countless others every day. The only difference between me and the high schooler who is being cyberbullied and lied on by their classmates is the money and resources I have access to. We collectively have to say enough is enough.”

The initial victory was met in court on Monday when the rapper was awarded $1 million for “pain and suffering and/or reputational injury,” and $250,000 for actual medical expenses. All parties returned to court today to take up the matter of punitive damages and legal fees, which was also awarded to Cardi. The total amount the Atlanta blogger is due to pay Cardi comes to a grand total of almost $4 million dollars.

After news was released on Cardi’s big win in court she sent out the tweet saying she felt happy but sad.

Yikes, I know that will likely impact Tasha’s blogging business greatly.



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