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FAMU’s Vice President Resigns Amid Bogus $237 Million Stock Donation

Amid the bogus 10 year $237 million stock donation from Batterson Farms Corp., FAMU’s Vice President Shawnta Friday-Stroud resigned from her position as VP but will remain at the university as the Dean of the University’s School of Business and Industry. Her resignation was announced by FAMU’s President, Larry Robinson at the school’s board meeting. At the meeting the President announced that the gift donations has been ceased.

Friday-Stroud has been in the middle of the controversial decision that about half a dozen FAMU officials made to accept Batterson Farms Corp. CEO Gregory Gerami’s major gift without informing other key stakeholders of the university, including members of the FAMU Foundation Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.

FAMU’s President, Larry Robinson made the announcements as he took responsibility for the poor vetting of the donor who was honored as the keynote speaker at their spring graduation ceremony.

“I wanted it to be real and ignored the warning signs along the way,” Robinson told the board. “The public announcement at commencement was premature at best, and I apologize to all who witnessed it and shared their joy and jubilation.”

“It is my belief that with the guidance of this board, we will arrive at a process much more transparent when it comes to such large gifts in the future,” he added.



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