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Here’s Your Solar Eclipse Schedule

Today is the day of the solar eclipse. This afternoon in the NYC/NJ area you will be able to see a partial solar eclipse. If you are planning to watch the eclipse with your protective eye wear, we’ve compiled a schedule of when you can begin based on your current location in the United States.

Only certain cities that are in the direct path of the totality, will be able to see the sun completely covered by the moon for a short period of time. Even if you aren’t in that path the eclipse will be visible for you, but the sun will not be completely covered. According to NASA, some of those cities that are in the path of totality include:

Buffalo, NY

Little Rock, Arkansas

Dallas, Texas

Carbondale, Illinois

Cleveland, Ohio

Erie, Pennsylvania

Burlington, Vermont

Lancaster, New Hampshire

Caribou, Maine

Evansville, Illinois

Paducah, Kentucky

Idabel, Oklahoma

CityStart TimeEnd Time
New York City 2:10pm4:36pm
Newark, New Jersey 2:10pm4:36pm
Atlanta, Georgia 1:45pm 3:04pm
Houston, Texas 12:20pm 3:01pm
Los Angeles, California 10:06am12:20pm
Chicago, Illinois 12:51pm 2:05pm
All times are approximate



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