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Karen Civil Allegedly Ripped Off Artists and Took Advantage of a Non Profit in Haiti

This past week has been less than glamorous for proclaimed ‘Media Maven’, Karen Civil. It all started last Thursday when influencer/artist Jessie Woo post to her Instagram feed a copy of her court documents. The caption read:

Earlier this year @Karen Civil faked me using a non existent company in order to obtain personal information, served me with an extortion case for the sum of 3 Million Dollars at the fake booking and had it recorded it order to pass the video around the industry with the goal to embarrass & intimidate me. Today, ahead of our hearing The Superior Court of California sided with me. I want to thank my attorneys Amanda & Billie. I stand by the court’s decision and I look forward to my check being cut by Ms UnCivil. Her LIVE today where she pressed about “Haitian Women Empowerment” was no coincidence. She’s a loser. In real life and in court. She lost. She’s scrambling. Run me my coins @KarenCivil
Often times people go silent in this industry because they cannot afford to defend their factual truth. Keep this in mind before you attack the underdog. She thought I wouldn’t defend myself. I am a masters degree holder from @fiuinstagram ! My undergrad is in political science & journalism. My masters is in strategic communications. I had every intention of going to law school BUT BAYBAAAAYYYY that damn LSAT wasn’t my ministry. 😩💀 Even if I couldn’t afford my lawyers, I would have stayed up day and night defending myself by drafting my motions. Don’t ever play yourself @KarenCivil . The devil works hard, BUT JESSICA JUSTE WORKS HARDER IN JESUS NAME 💪🏿❤️ #RunMeMyCoins#AllKarensAintWhite
Oh! And a special shout out to my honorary lawyer @theakg for always steering me legally 🤟🏿

To everyone’s surprise Jessie Woo was speaking of a $3million law suit Karen filed against her, only to loose in court in a counter motion against her. After Jessie ranted on IG about her disgust with the situation and Karen’s character her followers chimed in, which lead to rapper Joyner Lucas joining the conversation and accusing Karen of stealing $60k from him when he was desperate for success in the beginning of his rap career. See his IG post below:

Meek Mill joined in on the conversation. He stated “Karen was my friend and turned on me for opportunity …. start having the blogs posting negative about me on some conspiracy shit lol I forgive her but I definitely don’t wanna deal with y’all industry people that move like that! You should admit what you did to me too!” See full tweet below.

After the conversation about Karen snowballed on twitter and ig it quickly transferred onto the social media app Clubhouse. During these audio conversation Karen Civil responded to Joyner Lucas and admitted to Jason Lee on Clubhouse to hiring a hacker to take down Jason’s website after he refused to take down a post. Hollywood Unlocked owner Jason Lee said he’s looking to seek legal counsel about the matter.

Remember that ‘Live Civil’ school and playground Karen posted about building back in 2014/2015, well according to one of the members of the non profit involved, that’s not exactly the truth. According to Melissah from the charity, Sow a Seed, Karen was brought on as an ambassador and agreed to donate $41k, but never did. Karen’s photos posted to her IG definitely paint a different picture.

Melissah chronicled her experience with Karen during this time in a series of tweets. Karen used the children as photo ops and pushed out press releases about her donating money that the charity never received. Read some of Melissah’s tweets below.

Back over on Club House Kita Trotter, who was a close friend to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle voiced her opinion on Civil, and it was less than flattering. Kita accused Civil of lying after she claimed to of been the catalyst behind every deal Nipsey made. Kita also claimed that Nipsey fired Karen before his untimely death. Read below to find out what Kita had to say.

Overall things aren’t looking to great for Karen as far as her reputation goes in the industry. I’m sure Karen will bounce back from this but it will definitely be a humbling experience. As for fellow bloggers like myself who were always inspired by her sudden and what appeared to be her overnight success, we now know how she obtained it. Everything isn’t what it appears to be on social media. Don’t let what appears someone else’s sudden rise to success throw you off course. You never know the truth behind those glamorous photos.



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