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Ohio Man Randomly Kills 13 on Easter Sunday

Cleveland, Ohio- A man by the name of Steve Stephens is on the run after killing 74 year old Robert Godwin. Stephens walked up to Godwin who was a stranger walking down a Cleveland street Sunday afternoon and shot and killed him by shooting him in the head all while recording it on his phone and then zooming in on his bloody body with his recording device. Stephens immediately uploaded the footage to his facebook page.

Stephens then went on to record a 5 minute conversation with an identified person confessing to the killing of Godwin and confessing to killing 13 more others and saying he’s going to continue until he’s caught. Stephens also said he went on a killing spree because of anger behind Joy Lane, who’s his girlfriend. This second video was uploaded shortly before Stephens deactivated his facebook page.


Here’s a quote from the video,¬†“I shamed myself. I snapped, I snapped. I just snapped, I just killed 13 motherf******, man,” Stephens says on the phone. “I’m about to keep killing until they catch me, f*** it. I’m telling them to catch me.”






Although Stephens confessed to killing 13 people there is only evidence of one actual murder taking place. Stephens was an employee at a behavioral health agency called Beech Brook.

Police have widened their manhunt to New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana.

Stephens has not been caught as of yet and is still on the run, police officials are urging him to turn himself in.







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