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The Garden in Elizabeth NJ is Called Out for Racism

The very popular brunch and dinner spot ‘The Garden’ is under scrutiny for what appears to be biased treatment from their employees towards their black customers. A viral Instagram video of a customer posted 3 days ago shows a man recording one of their employees standing nonchalantly as someone is stating how they allegedly fired their DJ for the night because he was playing hip hop music.


The Garden’ in Elizabeth, NJ is accused of being racist. Have you parrionized this restaurant? #buyblack #supportblackbusiness #nj #elizabethnj

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A snapshot of a text message from ‘The Garden‘ employee to the DJ went viral. The message shows the conversation of him requesting the DJ to play Latino music. The message states ‘I have alot of people I don’t want to enter at the line.” The DJ responded ‘Okay gotchu’.

The Garden employee responded requesting for the Latino genre to be played ‘I’m being told you are playing a lot of hip hop. I said Latino, I’m trying to change the crowd.’ The DJ responded ‘Not really I’ll show you my library I’m playing 25+ of each.’

Apparently after this conversation the DJ was asked to leave because he was allegedly playing music that The Garden employee felt was attracting a ‘black crowd’. The word spread and a video was recorded of people criticizing the obvious bias actions exhibited from this restaurant employee. The Garden has since released a statement to their IG page disputing these claims of discrimination and racism towards their customers. ‘The Garden’s’ social media account have since been limited and commenting has been disabled. We posted this video to our TikTok and have recieved a number of commenters saying ‘they’re not surprised’ and the owners are always racist. Have you patronized The Garden? If so how was your experience?



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