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All ABout London’s Eco Friendly Fashion Label, Ashley Lloyd

Ashley Lloyd International is a UK independent fashion label
Established in 2012 Ashley Lloyd International is a female Ready to Wear fashion Label creating fashion pieces using a range of eco and animal friendly fabrics to produce unique avant-garde and fashion forward items for the brave and passionate fashion lovers. Ashley Lloyd’s inspiration for his strong and bold fashion aesthetics developed from the women whom he was surrounded with as a youngster to present day and counts close female companions as a strong influence and drive behind the fashion Label. Ashley Lloyd International is a fashion brand for women who dare to adventure into the brave new world of fashion and embrace their clothing and image as everyday amour ready to enjoy the world.

In 2014, Ashley realized there was a gap in his brand, which is how Ashley Lloyd London was created. This was to provide an Ashley Lloyd touch to a wider market within high street shoppers. Each collection features bold & colorful fabrics with striking & revealing silhouettes which pays tribute to the confident fashionista. With each collection telling a unique story, Ashley Lloyd demonstrates his creativity, cultural & fashion inspirations within the design concept.

To purchase and/or look at some of Ashley Lloyd’s designs visit








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