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6 Tips on to Have a Hygiene Friendly Nail Salon Visit

nail-sanitise-300x300Are you one of those people that visit their nail technician every month because its an endorphin booster?

Have you ever done research on your favorite nail salon before making that appointment? Are you aware of risks that may be involved while visiting a nail salon? How do you know what to look out for?


Here 6 ways to be sure your nest trip to the nail salon is hygiene friendly:


  • Choose the Best Nail Technician

Ask your friends for referrals from their best nail salon experiences. Your friends can tell you who does the job. Look for walls decorated with certifications and licenses. Certified nail techs love to show these off. Observation is your best friend.

  • Cleanliness

Check out the salon, check for cleanliness in the overall salon and in the bathroom. If they fail the observation test then there’s a good chance the instruments they’re using on you aren’t any cleaner.  Non-sterile instruments can contaminate you with bacteria, fungi or viruses. People who are diabetics are more vulnerable. One of the most serious infectious diseases are Hepatitis B and C.Improperly cleaned nail instruments can infect you with different types of fungi. They are very aggressive and can be hard to get rid of them.

  • UV radiation

You shouldn’t neglect how harmful this is. Many nail techs use UV lamp to dry your nails after a gel manicure. Doctors claim that exposure to UV rays accelerates the aging process and may cause cancer. However, the actual amount of UV rays that you’re exposed to from these lamps is minor. At your own discretion you have the option to wear gloves during the drying process for skin protection.

  • Hygiene after Treatment

After these treatments, your nails might be yellow or greasy. When you come home you need to soak your nails in warm water and use a lot of soap. So you can be sure that your hands are clean.

  • Chemicals

Many salons use out dated harmful chemicals. It’s important to check if you have any allergies to some substances before you expose yourself to these chemicals. Although salons are required to use FDA approved products many of them don’t abide by this rule. They sometimes replace expensive professional products with cheaper products which often times contain harmful chemicals. Check out more Nail Salon Tips here. We all know that every nail technician likes to chat during their treatment. During this chatting time use it as your chance to ask her about the ingredients in her products, and where their from.

  • Sharp instruments

All nail technicians work with sharps instruments, many that can cause  damage to your skin if they aren’t careful. During cuticle cutting, it is possible to be nicked which may result in minor bleeding. It’s best to have an experienced tech that will know how to properly sanitize and prevent these minor abrasions.





Nathalie Czar

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