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Black Owned Designer Bags to Support

Designer handbags have always been a thing in fashion. Wearing the right bag can really take your outfit to the next level. Here at Urban Girl we’ve put together a short list of black handbag designers you should be supporting. (This list is in no specific order)


Telfar Clemons is the Liberian American, Queens, NY born fashion designer behind the highly sought after handbag.The Telfar bag has become widely popular via a viral TikTok post of a NY based customer celebrating the designers one of a kind bag calling it a ‘Telfeeezy’ and making up a song. Since that post the Telfeeezy has become a viral sensation. These bags are so sought after that it has become nearly impossible to get one. In order to score one of these bags you would need to sign up for their mailing list and pay very close attention to your email so you will be aware of when they’re releasing. Sign up for Telfar.Net

Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood is a NY native of Jamaican and Chinese descent. He majored in Neuroscientific Psychology at Brad University, but soon realized his love of fashion and took the steps to launch his fashion business. Brandon has designed and sold handbags for 6 years but the year 2020 which was like no other catapulted his fashion to a level unlike any other. His original design of the “End Systematic Racism” handbag took off unlike any other and sold out within minutes.

In a Teen Vogue article Brandon Blackwood spoke on what influenced the diagnosis of this viral handbag “I was stuck creatively and exhausted by the daily news”. He said during the summer of 2020 “I had a pretty solid following and decided I would take this opportunity to make something that could have a direct impact against systemic oppression.” Sign up to purchase a handbag on the website at


The CISE handbag is created by a black owned LA based clothing company. This LA based clothing company operates under the motto of “Stronger Threads for a Stronger Community”. Their most popular handbags feature the phrase “Protect Black Women” or “Protect Black People”. Just as the others their bags are always sold out as well. You will need to signup to their mailing list and pay close attention to you emails in order to possibly snag one of these very popular bags. Visit CISE.Store for more information.

Glam-aholic Lifestyle

I’m sure you’ve portably heard of Mia-Ray. She is a Detroit based black woman entrepreneur who created the brand Glam-aholic. With her brand she’s created an entire line of travel bags, makeup bags, tote, handbags, journals, and much more. Mia-Ray is a mom and retired fashion blogger who has made a name for herself starting in the early days of social media. Of course if you wish to purchase this highly popular bag you would need to sign up to the website’s mailing list to stay on top of when the bags will be dropping, because just like the others these bags sell out fast. Check out



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