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Guess Copies the Popular Telfar Handbag

Guess is being scrutinized by the internet for copying the popular Telfar handbag design. The Telfar handbag went viral on TikTok has since been most recently copied by a clothing brand that has been out since 1981. Telfar, which was established in 2005 created a handbag so iconic that Guess felt threatened enough to copy. The internet is saying collaboration would’ve been the best way to created this handbag, and I agree.

The Guess bag literally looks like a direct copy of the bag, the straps are identical the shape, fabric used and the only difference is the letter in the middle of the bag instead of the Telfar’s CT (The designer’s initials for Telfar Clemens) logo there’s a G with a circle around it. I literally had to do a double take of the bag. Since the story has gone viral Guess has halted sales of their Telfar knock off. Check out photos of both handbags below.



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