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M.Diggs Diana Ross Inspired, Mahogany Collection

Chelsea, NY- Saturday night Urban Girl Magazine attended the press preview presentation of the M.Diggs season 2, Fall/Winter 2017  Mahogany Collection presented by Heir’s Pr, www.heirpr.com.


The room was filled with fashion bloggers, and various media outlets excited to get a sneak peek at the new M.Diggs fashion collection. The all white room was broken up into 3 sections as models lined 3 different walls dressed in the new M.Diggs collection. This was no ‘traditional’ runway show, where models quickly walked down the runway and you’d be lucky if you were able to distinguish whether that was suede or velvet. Nope, Diggs wanted to make sure his guests were able to soak up the experience of Mahogany, so much so that instead of walking the runway the models stood against the wall. #Genius


“I wanted to do an art gallery. For everyone to come in and admire the clothes. When you do runway clothes its like they’re on the runway for 2 seconds and you can’t really get into everything so I wanted everyone to be able to take it all in.”




Each wall of models followed a different color and texture theme. Diggs said the entire line was inspired by the classic Diana Ross movie Mahogany, which explains the name of his fall/winter line.


“Mahogany and Diana Ross was my inspiration; I was just obsessed with Diana Ross in the 70’s, and her being a super model in Italy is where everything started…that’s where I got the color story and that’s why I wanted to use all black models”.


Guests were treated to lite bites, along with red and white wine while they skimmed the room reviewing Digg’s collection. Gift bags were sponsored by Lucid Bliss lucidbliss.com, Pin Up Cosmetics pinupcosmetics.net, and Cake your Face loose pigments.


For more information on Malcolm Diggs and his collection visit Malcolmscloset.com




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