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Recap: The Grand Opening of The Vanity Box Hair Boutique in East Orange, NJ

East Orange, NJ – On Saturday January 14th, The Vanity Box had their grand opening party for their new hair boutique which is located at 466 Central Ave right in East Orange, NJ. The Vanity Box is a boutique bundle hair franchise that currently has locations in Harlem, NY, Queens, NY, and Brooklyn, NY

Despite the snow and cold weather there was still a line of Vanity Vixens patiently waiting outside to support the grand opening celebration of the Vanity Box and their founder and CEO Tinesha Sharpe.

Although I would’ve rather been warm and indoor somewhere waiting in line proved to be beneficial to me and to everyone waiting to purchase hair. While standing on line the Vanity Team gave out cookies, cupcakes, hot chocolate and we played games.


The atmosphere outside was fun and full of excitement.

The Vanity Box’s Wheel of Vanity game that we played while waiting in line was my fave! This game gave us a chance to win free Vanity Box merchandise.

The game worked like this: you had to answer a question about a celebrity and if your answer was right you were offered a chance to spin the wheel. Thanks to Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship I had a chance to spin the Wheel and I won a free bundle. My sister who came along with me also won! However, she won two gifts. She won a set of clip – ins and a bundle.

The only man in line won a free closure for his girlfriend. So cute! Not only were there people from the Tri- State area supporting the grand opening. There was one woman from Kentucky and she won the 4 bundle deal from Wheel of Vanity game.

While standing outside I was able to network and talk with some amazing women who were succeeding in their respective fields. Its safe to say the time in line was more of a networking/mix and mingle hour.



Once inside we were greeted with happy faces and lots of help from the Vanity Team. They showed us all of the different textures of hair they offer.  I personally like long straight hair and curly hair but all of their textures were to die for.

The Vanity Box  offers 8 different textures of hair. They’re listed below.

Continental Collection

TVB  also offers their most popular textures as sets of clip-ins with their Hollywood Collection. 


Hollywood Collection



Many refer to the Vanity Box founder Tinesha Sharpe as the “The Modern Day Madame C.J. Walker.”

1.What inspired you to start The Vanity Box?

TS : What inspired me to start The Vanity Box was the idea that I can be my own boss, and become an entrepreneur.  I wanted to become self employed and generate revenue to support myself. As my business grew I wanted to inspire others and continue to provide an opportunity for women of color.

2.How does it feel to open a store in your home state, New Jersey?

TS: It feels great! I was born in Paterson but East Orange is my second home. My home away from home.

3.What advice would you give young Black Entrepreneurs?

TS: The first thing I would tell them is DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.  There is room for everybody to make it. I would tell them to NOT GIVE UP, perseverance is the key. If the door or window is closed BUILD YOUR OWN DOOR and BUILD YOUR OWN WINDOW. I did! The last thing I would tell them is to keep going because Profits will come.

4.What was the process to making your dreams a reality?

TS: The first thing I needed was money. I invested my own money into my dreams. I started my business with my Tax Return. Once I had the money to purchase the hair it was time to make my dreams my reality. I started selling to my family and friends, and my business grew fast. I am successfully because I work hard and my team work harder.

I enjoyed myself and I am definitely a Vanity Vixen!

Please go support TVB at of one of their Hair Boutiques in New York or New Jersey or online. Their website is You can also check them out on IG @thevanitybox

Look at additional photos from the event below!




London Shantae

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