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How this Skin Care Line Called Belize in You Helps More Than Just Your Skin!


We all love skin care, because let’s face it good skin equals beauty. As a makeup artist myself, I know the best way to achieve a great makeup application is to have good, healthy, beautiful skin underneath. Contrary to popular belief not everyone is privy to this information.




There’s a new all natural skin care product line on the market and Urban Girl Magazine had the chance to talk to the creator, Ms. Raquel Battle. She says her inspiration behind the line stemmed from the urgency of generating awareness of skin health and financing her hospice care building.



“Belize In You: Marine skin and body care line was inspired by the urgent need to raise awareness of the importance skin health and generate financial support for our hospice care building project in Belize. Before my dad, Mr. Edlin Leslie Sr., lost his battle with prostate cancer, he worked as a fisherman. As a child, I learned about the many benefits of seaweed from the Caribbean Sea. Belize in You: Marine Skin and Body Care provides natural formulations from seaweed and other ingredients. The use of sustain-ably farmed seaweed from the Caribbean Sea supports the expansion of conservation zones in the Caribbean. The calming, hydrating and nourishing benefits of seaweed are particularly attractive to individuals with sensitive skin.  The seaweed farmers needed value added products to expand the market, and it was then that I initially embarked on my entrepreneurial project making seaweed soaps. I later diversified our Marine Skin and Body Care beauty brand, utilizing seaweeds from the Caribbean Sea as well as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans into our skincare products.”




I know what you’re thinking ‘What’s different about this skin care brand?’, well a lot, Belize in You is not only a brand that offers quality product but they also make it imperative that they give back to their community in Belize.



“There are many excellent products on the market. Therefore, it is important to provide quality products with proven results. Our products yield positive results!!! Additionally, at Belize in You, we believe that it is equally important to give back to our community. With the purchase of each product, we donate to the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice in Belize. Our customers are individuals who appreciate the dual impact of their purchases, knowing they are contributing to positive social change. They know that purchasing our gentle cleansing, calming, nourishing skincare products, extend beyond their personal benefit. The effect is threefold. With their purchase, they know that their purchases: 1) Provide financial support to the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice program in Belize.  2) Expand conservation zones in the Caribbean 3) Provides jobs in Belize.”





So, Urban Girl you know we have your back! We asked Raquel why should the modern everyday ‘Urban Girl’ use Belize in You? She said, “We are bombarded daily with stressors impacting the skin both internally and externally. It’s important to nourish one’s skin daily with products that are gentle, yet effective in the benefits they provide. The Urban Girl lives in a world with significant stress. Our skincare line includes therapeutic, calming, cleansing and nourishing products. In particular, Our Rooibos Tea Serum formulated with the red bush tea and hyaluronic acid helps to maintain youthful skin and fights free radicals which can damage skin cells. Due to daily environmental stressors and often as a result of neglect, the skin takes on an aged appearance. The Rooibos Tea Serum delivers antioxidants to the skin resulting in delaying the aging process and acts as a defense against oxidization. The hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin keeping it hydrated. The hydration from the hyaluronic acid quenches the skin by filling in fine lines, giving it a more youthful appearance.”




Raquel said her favorite products from her line are the seaweed and coconut soaps along with the marine mineral skin toner.


“It is difficult to choose! My two favorite products from our Belize in You line are our Handcrafted Seaweed and Coconut soaps and our Marine Mineral Skin Toner. Growing up in close proximity to my grandmother in a time when bar soaps were the primary source of cleansing one’s body and clothes and listening to the 4:30am bustling of making coconut oil in the early morning hours of the morning, I developed a deep appreciation for hand crafted and home made products. Our handcrafted seaweed soaps are made with seaweed from the Caribbean, and our coconut soap is reminiscent of the times spend with my grandparents. Our seaweed and coconut soaps are packed with Coconut Oil and Shea butter. Those two ingredients nourishes and moisturizes one’s skin. My other favorite product, is the Marine Mineral Toner made with Atlantic seaweed extract. Not only do I use this product as a skin toner, I take a sample size bottle in my purse and on those hot and humid days, I spritz my face to prevent severely dry skin. I also use it to squirt my face after getting my eyebrows threaded or waxed as it calms the skin and reduces the redness of my sensitive skin almost immediately. I appreciate products with few ingredients, multiple functions and our Marine Mineral Skin Toner is definitely falls into that category.”




The Belize in you line can be purchased online, on Amazon at, on flash sales on Rue Lala at In Belize, at our Belize in You retail store in Placencia Village, Belize.




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